Starving Minds

Gouache & Acrylic, 2019

As a country known for gluttony,
we do a lot of starving the mind.
We overextend our belly’s,
Yet leave our brain behind.

Entertainment is not nourishment.
It leaves us craving more.
Like an addict searching for needles,
numbing out on the bathroom floor.

If you think I offend, I’m sure you’ll defend,
the addictions you love so much.
But deep inside, there’s no place to hide,
as the truth bell rings a punch.

Our screens have become laser beams,
We can’t escape it’s pull.
Instead of swimming against the waves,
We relent into the lull.

Thinking goes static,
Goals become blurry,
Relationships are interruptions.
We constantly are in a hurry.

Do your brain a favor,
and take it for a meal.
Engage, create, be brave,
and your life will fill with zeal.