Heart Break

Gouache & Acrylic, 2019

Have you ever felt a break, deep in your soul?
And not know how to fix it or fill the hole?

Have you tried numbing pain with devices and vices,
but been left with empty bags and stale days once or twice.

Have you looked out your window on a beautiful view,
but noticed the color was a different hue?

Not quite as vibrant, a little darker shade.
The rose colored glasses, broken where they laid.

Have you longed for the old you, before a section broke away?
Wishing to be blissful, naive and okay?

Have you mastered the plastic smile, pushing feelings down so deep,
but when they hit the core the lava starts to seep?

Sometimes a volcanic blast,
sometimes slow and long.
But either way it comes,
it is always very strong.

Have you ever thought the soul break might turn out to be,
one of many breaks on your journey to be free?

Like a birds protective egg that's there till the bird is strong,
then little by little is chipped away till it can sing its song.

There's a lesson in every cracking,
there is wisdom from each break.
But only you can decide
on how much gains you will make.