Balance in Chaos

Gouache & Acrylic, 2019

What is this churning deep inside my soul?
What is this burning that will not let me go?

In the stillness I am quite, I do not breath a sound.
In the stillness I am unmoving, yet the churning still abounds.

I seek for words but come up short.
The feeling is bigger than my vocabulary.
I seek for answers but have none to report,
The churn evades my every quarry.

Is it friend or foe?
Is it a guiding light,
or sent to imploded.

Should i banish this beast,
or embrace it like a child?
Should I run to retreat,
or let it run wild?

Is it pushing me to greatness or pulling me into defeat?
Is this rumbling moving forward or keeping me in my seat?

Answers will come, but maybe not today.
Until then I keep on stepping and seek for balance in the fray.